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Gostiny Dvor

Moscow Gostiny Dvor (“Guest Court” or “Merchant Yard”) – one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the capital It is located 150 meters away from the Kremlin. Gostiny Dvor’s history dates back to the XIV century. In the end of the XVIII century according to the ruling of Catherine the Great, the famous Italian architect Jacomo Kvarnegi made the project of a new complex, and Gostiny Dvor was rebuilt into one building with a strict and elegant architectural style and became a great addition to the Moscow architecture.

Starting the end of 1995 under Mayor Y.M. Luzhkov Moscow government reconstructed Gostiny Dvor and turned it into a modern business, culture and shopping centre which provides all necessary services and equipped in compliance with international standards. Together with thorough renovation of the building’s appearance, its rooms were fully reequipped with modern engineering appliances according to the “intellectual building” concept, climate control system were installed, with the new opportunity to plug in electronic systems of office and control equipment.

Gostiny Dvor is considered unique not only because of its great location, but also thanks to its unusual artistic construction. You can see specific time continuity in this architectural complex. Surrounded by plaster columns, classic arcs the granite paved courtyard has total area 12000 square meters. It is covered with largest in Europe light unsupported translucent covering (roofed city square is similar in size and shape to the Venetian Piazza San Marco in Italy). According to the functional purpose of the courtyard space, the covering is supplied with snow melting, climate control, condensate collection and drain systems.

Gostiny Dvor is also unique because it is possible to implement practically any artistic concept. Atrium courtyard hosts cultural events, holiday celebrations and festivals for children, city and federal holiday celebrations, international exhibitions and salons, concerts, shows, fashion shows, etc. For instance, the Annual New Year’s Mayor Ball, Montserrat Caballe’s, Jose Carreras, Sissel concerts, “Pravoslavnaya Rus’” (“Orthodox Christian Russia”) exhibition, and many others have been held there.

Gostiny Dvor is one of the largest business, shopping and recreation centres which provides all kinds of services and is equipped in compliance with international standards. Total area of the complex is 82 thousand square meters. The complex houses stores, restaurants, banks, bars, offices, beauty shops, etc. While the appearance of the building has almost remained untouched, the effective area has been increased, including building mansard roof which houses offices of different firms. It has been projected to construct a hotel which will conclude the ring of hotels around the Kremlin.

Construction of this hotel will complete the complex infrastructure of services offered at Gostiny Dvor. This means that people could live in the hotel, work at an exhibition, conduct negotiations, do shopping i.e. have everything necessary not having to come out of the building. You can visit photo gallery of Gostiny Dvor. Gostiny Dvor is open on weekdays and weekends 10 am to 10 pm.